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Welcome to! We are proud to be able to bring a wide selection of Premium Cuban cigars online, all of them available to you with complete privacy and the the convenience of ordering from your own home or office at the time that suits you! All of our cigars come directly from the factories in Cuba, they have all the original packaging, labels and numbers that guarantee their authenticity. Our products ship in their original packaging with sealed security labels. Packages are reinforced to avoid any physical damage during shipping. We take special attention on the way we handle and ship out our cigars to keep them protected from damage, humidity and heat.

We guarantee every delivery no matter the place on the World from which you order! Nevertheless, laws are different in each country. There might be countries where the importation of tobacco products or Cuban goods may be prohibited or regulated. All packages will be replaced if they are damaged or lost. If an order go past over one month without delivery, it will be considered lost and replaced or refunded. Every order is usually delivered within 5 to 12 business days after confirmation of payment.

Our order process could not be simpler, just select your desired cigar, proceed to checkout or pay fast and easy through out the Paypal Express checkout button. After confirmation of your order, you will receive a tracking number and the estimated delivery date for your packages. We have available several payment methods, pay by credit or debit card or direct Bank transfer. As an extra guarantee we accept payments through Paypal. This payment platform surely gives our customers the security that we are committed to fulfill each and every order to complete satisfaction. Now you can enjoy ordering Safely and Securely through Paypal the fastest and safest way to send money online.

If you have any questions about our products or if you need extra information before placing your order, do not hesitate and contact us at any time either by clicking the Live Help button for a live chat session with our customer service staff, by email at Contact us or you can call us toll-free to the 1-866-941-0880. Please note, toll-free is only for US and Canada, other countries a fee may apply depending on your country. We look forward to help you and answer all your questions about

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Why Cuban Cigars


Cuban Cigars are known to be the very best cigars on the World. Legends like the Cohiba Behike, Montecristo Edmundo or Cohiba Siglo Series were born in La Havana Cuba. Centuries of history, tradition, cultivation and an artistically patient hand rolled production make the reputation of Cuban tobacco. Three facts make these cigars stand out among the others and could be the reason why Cuban cigars are so special, history, soil and the forbidden fruit effect after the 1962 embargo.

Cuba has long history and tradition cultivating tobacco. Long before the Spanish arrived to America, native indians in Cuba were using tobacco. No other country has more experience with tobacco than Cuba. Centuries of cultivation and production lead to perfection. The industry follows an harmonious process from the cultivation of tobacco to the rolling of each and every cigar by hand. A dedicated care an attention is placed in their factories and it seems more like a ritual than a manufacturing process. Long time ago Cuba had an early monopoly in the cigar industry, no one else was growing tobacco this why each and every premium cigar producer will always be compared to Cuba simply because Cuba was the first place where it was cultivated.

These cigars stand out also because of their flavor. Tobacco flavor is derived from the soil and the climate of the particular region where is harvested. Habanos are made using only Cuban tobacco and this is why only Habanos tastes like Habanos. Traditional curing and fermenting methods give an incomparable mixture of flavors to tobacco grown in the far western region of the island of Cuba. Flavors are also influenced by the particular micro climate found in the Vuelta Abajo Region and the Pinar del Río region, places where most of the finest plantations are located. You can take seeds from this region and grow them elsewhere, there will be similarities but only the cigars from Cuba taste like cigars from Cuba.

In 1962 the United States of America imposed an economic embargo against the government of Cuba. This embargo made any product from Cuba illegal in the U.S. and some other places in the World. This prohibition had a forbidden fruit effect that made them even more popular and desired among cigar aficionados. The fact that these cigars are not easy to buy has only made them more desirable around the World. There might be countries where the importation of tobacco products or Cuban goods may be prohibited or regulated. It is your responsibility to know the applicable laws pertaining to the purchase and importation of Cuban cigars to your country. Please read our terms of service and FAQs before ordering.

You can never go wrong with a Cuban Cigar, smoke one Habano and experience the ultimate expression of taste, aroma and perfection. Montecristo, Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Bolivar, H. Upmann among other brands hold legendary Vitolas that serious aficionados must try at least one time in their lives. From light to medium strength to strong and rich in flavour cigars, from petit little marevas to long double coronas, there is an option for every cigar smoker waiting to be aged and burnt in the most suitable occasion. Weddings, the celebration of a new born, graduation, a promotion, a beautiful summer afternoon there is always a good time for a good Cigar so make sure you have them in your humidor waiting for that special moment. does not sell tobacco or tobacco related products to minors, nor do we sell cigarettes. If you are under the majority of age in your Country, please leave this website immediately. Note also that it is unlawful to even attempt to purchase cigars below the minimum age. Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer, cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale. Using tobacco increase the risk of heart disease, infertility, stillbirth, and low birth-weight. Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes.